Bricktronics Breakout Board

Connect LEGO NXT to your breadboard

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Want to connect LEGO Mindstorms NXT motors or sensors to a breadboard, or prototype your own sensors for a LEGO Mindstorms NXT brick? The Bricktronics Breakout Board Kit breaks out the pins from a custom, injection-molded NXT-compatible socket to standard 0.1" pinout.

More details are available on the Bricktronics Breakout Board project page. If you are interested in just the NXT-compatible sockets, we now offer those separately: Bricktronics NXT-Compatible Sockets.


This contains a Bricktronics Breakout Board printed circuit board, a custom NXT-compatible socket, a 6 pin male header and two 82 kΩ resistors, which you'll need if you make your own I2C peripherals for the NXT.

Build it

If you purchase the unassembled version, it requires basic through-hole soldering skills. At a minimum, you'll need a soldering iron, and solder. Clear instructions are available at the Bricktronics Breakout Board project webpage.

It usually takes less than ten minutes to build, but it may take more or less time depending upon your experience with soldering.

Open Source Hardware

This kit is open source hardware. We make the hardware source files like the schematic and the pcb files available for anyone to use as long as they credit us and release any modifications as open source hardware. The schematic and pcb files are available on the Bricktronics download page.


Let us know how it goes! We use feedback to improve future versions of our kits, and the warm fuzzies help us make more kits! Let us know in the forum or via email.


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