Video Game Shield Kit

Interface with Nintendo Wii peripherals and make black and white video!

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The Video Game Shield is an Arduino add-on shield to make your own video games, including graphics, text, sound effects, and music!

The Video Game Shield works great on many Arduino boards, including the Uno and Duemilanovae, and on Arduino-compatible boards like the Freeduino. However, it requires a few minor changes to work on the Arduino Mega.

See it in action!

More examples are available on the Video Game Shield demos page.

Kit Contents

The kit contains a Video Game Shield printed circuit board, six 10 kΩ resistors, three 470 Ω resistors, two 1 kΩ resistors, three N-channel MOSFETs, a 0.1 uF ceramic capactior, a 5mm LED, a 6mm push button, a 47 uF electrolytic capacitor, a 4066 quad analog bidirectional switch chip, a chip socket, a red/white/yellow RCA connector, and breakaway male headers.

The contents are also listed and explained individually on the Parts List portion of the Video Game Shield project page.

Build it

The Video Game Shield is a through-hole kit. It requires basic soldering skill. At a minimum, you'll need a soldering iron, solder, and a diagonal cutters. You'll need to have an Arduino to use it. Clear instructions are available at the Video Game Shield project webpage.

It usually takes less than an hour to build, but it may take more or less time depending upon your experience with soldering.

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Open Source Hardware

This kit is open source hardware. We make the hardware source files like the schematic and the pcb files available for anyone to use as long as they credit us and release any modifications as open source hardware. The schematic and pcb files are available on the Video Game Shield download page.


When you're finished building the kit, let us know how it went! We use feedback to improve future versions of our kits, and the warm fuzzies help us make more kits! Let us know in the forum or via email.